2020 Finalists

The Second Annual Sailing Film Festival went virtual and we changed some of the rules, but we also really upped the ante on the prizes. The Grand Prize for ALL contestants was $1,000 cash! On top of that, both age categories had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners ($250, $150 and $100 prizes, respectively).

This was a short film competition for youth 25 and under split into two age categories; Juniors under 15 and Seniors aged 15-25. The only requirements were that the films had to incorporate the power of wind propulsion in some way, be 3-minutes or less, and be appropriate for all ages. Comedy, drama, action, thrillers, etc. were all accepted.

We had so many fantastic films this year! Hats off to all who submitted and congratulations to the winners. We were truly impressed by the quality of ALL the films.

Grand Prize Winner!

Incredible, high-quality production and high-level sailing in this grand prize winning film about life at sea.

Grand prize winner; The Albatross by Oliver from Rhode Island

Senior Category Finalists

Positive messages and good vibes in this funky music video about the value of community and the outdoors.

1st place; Brightside by Drew from Portland, OR

Stop motion brilliance in this educational and funny film.

2nd place; How to Right a Capsized Boat by Peter from Portland, OR

Tied for third place with this wonderful satire.

3rd place; Amazing Race – The Amateur’s Edition by Chyanna from Newport, OR

And a new sport was invented…

3rd place; Sail Jousting World Cup by Nicholas, Ryleigh, Nathan from Bellevue, WA

Young innovators at their finest!

Computer and Dunk by Rooney from Portland, OR

Junior Category Finalists

Don’t miss this heartwarming film about family and sailing.

1st place; Genetic by Esmé from Seattle, WA

Ever wonder how you get that wind beneath your wings? This educational masterpiece will explain.

2nd place; Three Winds by Allaira from Portland, OR

Patience and sailing go hand in hand. See this sailor’s take on The Old Man and the Sea.

3rd place; The Old Sailor by Angelo from Portland, OR

The droids and pirates have joined forces. Beware!

The Story of the Attack Willamette Sailing Club by Matteo from Portland, OR

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